21 September 2016

The Fight Against Cyber Crime

‘It’s projected to be the biggest risk to any individual or company in the next decade,’ explains Stuart Page, CEO of Chelsea Group company Enigma Alliance which counts Iceberg a cyber security consortium as one of its subsidiary companies. ‘Already, it is a critical global issue: cybercrime victims worldwide lose an estimated €290 billion each year. Mitigating against this ever-growing threat entails the protection of systems, devices, payment transfers (which has seen a 300% increase in attacks), telecommunications, networks and data.

Most attacks today occur by stealing a person’s login credentials; these hacks can go undetected an average 210 days, before you realize you have an adversary in your system. An audit usually discovers more hidden damage that could be hampering business growth.  The area of greatest concern is the “keystone of an arch” vulnerability point: it must be protected in order for a company to survive in a competitive global market.

MPDS (through Iceberg) is unique in that we combine the virtual and real aspects of cyber security: from prevention of hacking to physical searches of devices to human intelligence and disaster remediation – a full 360-degree solution, above and below the surface.’

Stuart is an International Executive in an oversight committee of Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM) and Cyber Security.


Cyber Crime

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