15 September 2016

MPDS COO on how clients’ security needs are evolving

‘With seismic world events impacting daily on European security there is a real need for us all to find better ways of protecting our clients, our people, our assets and of course our reputations,’ says Charles Antelme, COO of MPDS. ‘The methods we adopt have to be woven into the fabric of our current operating systems – they will range from the technological through to the human, some might be highly sophisticated, others simply a new way of thinking.

MPDS works with our clients and partners through risk assessment, analysis, design, implementation and improvement to deliver the best solutions in the best possible way.  Our internationally renowned team combines with our local experts to produce the answers to the questions posed by these challenging times.’

‘Some of our methods might be highly sophisticated, others simply a new way of thinking.’ – Charles Antelme, COO of MPDS


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