International standards.
Local knowledge.

MPDS is a risk management company dedicated to providing high-end security solutions to the residents and visitors of Monaco and its environs.

We help clients to protect what matters most, striking the balance between effective security and preserving the welcoming environment that Monaco is famed for. At MPDS our strength is our ability to blend international experience with local understanding, for a sensitive solution.

The threat climate is constantly shifting so having a flexible and agile security partner is more important than ever – one that is constantly monitoring global events and able to stay ahead of the threat. Sometimes the best security cannot be seen, which is why MPDS are experts in discreet, low profile solutions. In one of the premier locations in the world, we bring tailor-made security services at world-class standards.

The MPDS team are risk management specialists with decades of experience in all risk environments. Over the years, they have provided extensive security services and products to private, public and NGO sectors with exceptional results. Our approach entails working closely with clients – and so we are able to respond to changing needs quickly and effectively.

MPDS is a Chelsea Group (RW Chelsea Holdings Ltd) company, a family of companies offering a breadth of services and end-to-end solutions.

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